GoToCN promotion code introduction

1. What is the GoToCN promotion code?

  A: The GoToCN promotion code is a promotional welfare mechanism launched by the GoToCN platform for registered users.

2. What is the use of promotional codes?

  A: New users can fill in the promotion code to get free time when they register. Users who register through the promotion code can reap the benefits of post-consumer promoters.

3. How to get the benefits through the promotion code?

  A: You can share it through GoToCN's APP promotion page, and forward it to your friends or friends. Others become your first-level users by clicking on the link you shared, and the platform can have two levels of users in total.

4. What is a two-level user?

  A: You can register directly for your first-level user through your promotion code, and then register your success as your second-level user through the promotion code of the first-level user.

5. How is the revenue of the promotion calculated?

  A: You can get 10% of the user's consumption amount in the next level of the account; 2% of the second-level user's consumption amount (the settlement method is to settle every 30 days on a monthly basis after the user's top-up is successful. If a refund operation occurs, the refund will be refunded. Section is not settled)

  For example, the first-level user A you promote will be recharged for one year, and the platform will carry out the promotion income settlement according to the second month of the actual recharge date. (Annual package amount *10%)/12, for each user brought to you by A user. Monthly income.

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